Giving Tuesday



Have you heard of Giving Tuesday yet? I saw it on the news and instantly decided to become a part of it.

Black Friday…Cyber Monday…

Why not Giving Tuesday? On the Tuesday following Cyber Monday, everyone donates to a charity that they value. Billions of dollars changes hands over this shopping weekend, let’s make some of it count! Watch the newsclip and consider joining.

The idea is to tweet our commitments, but since I don’t tweet I thought I would do that here.

I have committed to give every month for the past 10 years to Navajo Ministries. I give to the Four Corners Home for Children. These children have no stability in their lives. They are abused or neglected. Navajo Ministries gives them a loving home and a stable education. Check out this ministry and all the other wonderful work they do at Navajo Ministries at:

Navajo Ministries


I challenge you to post your giving and spread the word about Giving Tuesday.

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