God Friended Me

This new CBS television series premiered last week.  When I first saw the title that old groan ran through me. Hollywood takes a vital subject like God and usually makes a royal mess of it. They either mock God and the Christian faith or belittle the morals that He teaches us.

My groans echoed through the house, but I turned the T.V. on anyway. If it was to be a slam on the Christian faith, at least I would be able to rebut it with my friends and family. Maybe the show would have some redeeming value.

I was very pleasantly surprised! The characters are genuinely trying to help others in need. They are cute and perky, giving great energy to the story. The writing kept the pace moving quickly without resorting to sexual comments or over the top explosions every thirty seconds. The story gave us some delightful twists and turns, yet also told stories that happen to real people. We all have broken relationships that need mending. We all need encouragement when we are down.

The story also does a great job of asking the important questions about God. Is He there? How do I know? Why did my mom die so tragically? What does God want from me? God does not want us to blindly accept someone else’s faith as our own. He wants us to search for Him. He wants us to ask the hard questions. Talk to Him. Read the Bible for yourself. Ask Him to show Himself. He loves you more than you can imagine!

A huge “Thank You!” goes out to CBS for creating a show that uplifts and entertains at the same time.

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