The Caribbean – Part 2

Margaritaville, the song, is a lot of fun. Margaritaville, the resort on St. Thomas, is even more fun.

My husband and I spent four nights at Margaritaville. That was just enough time to see everything nearby as well as to have some time to play at the beach.

We booked our room through Airbnb and it was much less expensive than other area hotels. The room was gorgeous and immaculately clean. We had a full-size refrigerator, microwave, and even a dishwasher. There was also a blender for those frozen concoctions and the king size bed was extremely comfortable. Our second story balcony looked out over the pool and beyond that out to the bay.

Margaritaville Poolside Bar

The pool-side bar was very comfortable and did a great job of serving food from the kitchen any time we wanted. There is also a hill-top infinity pool which has unbelievable views out across the bay. It has a sit-down/swim-up bar up there, but they don’t have access to the kitchen, so no food.

Live music in the restaurant was great fun in the evenings and the pavilion next door hosted lively music and dance shows.

Margaritaville sits in Water Bay and while it is possible to swim there, the seaweed continually washes up onto the beach. It’s not too bad, easy enough to step around and they do rake it all up every several days or so. For swimming, Coki beach is a quick walk up the road. It has soft sand and beautiful turquoise water. We did a little snorkeling, but that day there was not much to see. Coral World Ocean Park is on Coki Point as well. They have an aquarium with quite a variety of sea life. We had great fun watching them feed the fish and even train the sharks. The touch pool was lots of fun to play in and the huge sea turtles had their own pool. The little pond turtles were cute (lots of babies) but watch out for the many iguana lurking nearby trying to steal the turtles’ food. The tower in the bay is the perfect location from which to watch the wild sea life. It was fascinating. And when they brought the food out—the myriad of huge fish went crazy! The diver had to wear chain-mail gloves to prevent becoming part of the fishes’ lunch!

Lots of wild iguana hang out with the small turtles.

Their dive tours are popular, as well as snuba and their underwater trail. We also enjoyed watching the trained parrots. The sea lion show was said to be excellent, but we missed that one.

It was back to Coki Beach to swim on our last day, but it was a Sunday and several cruise ships had arrived on the island. It didn’t take long for the beach to be overrun with all those tourists covered in oil!

Amazing Coki Beach

The meals at the restaurant were delicious! We had fresh sea food dishes and the rice had the most incredible flavor. The ribs were also wonderful. Don’t miss them! Though the meals were fantastic, they did make quite a dent in the pocketbook. We walked down to the local market (10 minutes) and bought some milk and cereal for our breakfasts. They had items that we were familiar with, so we bought those, then we bought a few things that were completely new to us—just to try and see. One thing we bought was a plantain. I had heard that they are very similar to bananas. We bought one and tried to eat it with our cereal in the morning, but it was hard and crunchy, not a pleasant taste. I should have googled it! Apparently, you have to cook it. Later in our trip we greatly enjoyed some fried plantain.

The pool/bar had music going most of the day. They even had some games sprinkled throughout the week as well.

All in all, we had a great time and would definitely go back. Yet four nights was enough and we were excited to head on to St. John.

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